The 2017 East End Rain Garden Crawl

June 3, 2017- 9AM~11AM

On Saturday, June 3rd, the pay-what-you-can ($5 suggested) green day event in Danforth East Village is an urban outdoor adventure with proceeds shared equally between the David Suzuki Foundation (DSF) and Kimbourne Park United Church (KPUC). From 9AM, DSF Butterflyway Rangers will meet participants at Michael Garron Hospital (Coxwell & Mortimer) and make their way to KPUC (Coxwell & Woverleigh) for 11AM. The Rain Garden Crawl features a cluster of 10 rain gardens with 3 mini-outdoor workshops along the way: Char Technologies’ biochar soil remediation, Sustainable T.O.’s butterfly house DIY, and Alter Eden’s native plant gardening best practices. This event dovetails with KPUC’s Permaculture Community Garden 100 In 1 Day event where local exhibitors, event organizers, and outdoor enthusiasts will celebrate the pledge for a healthy environment.

East End Rain Garden Crawl event detail

Presented by Rain Gardens United
Sponsored by GreenField Specialty Alcohols
Proceeds go to the David Suzuki Foundation Butterflyway Campaign and Kimbourne Park United Church Permaculture Community Garden

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